What Mick stands for

What I believe in


I believe we need someone who will stand up for our local community no matter what. I am passionate about making our community an even better place to live, work and raise a family. I know first-hand what our community needs and I will fight every day to deliver it. 

I will fight to ensure that residents have access to world-class hospitals and health services and I will fight to ensure we have good local jobs as our economy recovers from COVID-19.

I want to see us bring manufacturing back on Australian shores. It is appalling that the government will give contracts to foreign workers before Aussie businesses.


As a blue collar worker, I understand the struggles that working families like my own face. That's why I will fight to make things easier for families across Petrie. Whether it's addressing rising cost of living pressures, investing in schools, TAFE and universities to create opportunities for our children, or ensuring that our ageing parents have access to quality and affordable aged care.

As we bounce back from COVID-19 we need someone who is going to put our community first. That’s why I will fight for:

✅ Greater investment in local hospitals and protecting Medicare;


✅ Australian manufacturing to create secure Australian jobs, more apprenticeships and traineeships; and

✅ Upgraded local roads and infrastructure to ensure you can spend less time in traffic and more time with your family.


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Why We need change


Scott Morrison and the Liberals can’t be trusted when it comes to what our community needs.


❌ We don't need a guy who is quick to point fingers instead of providing solutions for Australians


❌ We don’t need a guy who is willing to sell our Aussie jobs to the highest bidder overseas; and


❌ We don’t need a guy who was asleep at the wheel during the vaccine rollout and hotel quarantine.


This government has no integrity - there have been rorts left, right and centre, and Scott Morrison does not take responsibility for his mistakes. The question remains if they have nothing to hide, why are they so afraid of a federal ICAC.


Scott Morrison and the Liberals are not on the side of average Australians like you and I.