National Reconstruction Fund


Australia must be a country that makes things, to have our own industrial and manufacturing capabilities.

An Albanese Labor Government will establish a National Reconstruction Fund, to create secure jobs for Australian workers, drive regional economic development, boost our sovereign capability and diversify the nation’s economy.

The COVID pandemic has exposed serious deficiencies in Australia’s economy, in particular our ability to manufacture products and be globally competitive when it comes to innovation and technology.

Building new industries and boosting our existing industries represent an opportunity for Australia to recover from the COVID pandemic with a stronger economy. After 8 long years of policy drift presided over by consecutive Liberal leaders, this country needs a government with a vision to put the country back on a road to prosperity.

Labor’s plan for a National Reconstruction Fund will allocate $15 billion to partner with the private sector, including superannuation funds to support investments that demonstrate they will grow the economy and increase employment.


Anti-Corruption Commission


Labor believes the time is long past for a National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to be established, and an Albanese Labor Government will give priority to introducing legislation to establish such a body. 

The ever-growing list of scandals surrounding the Morrison Government shows why Australia needs a powerful and independent anti-corruption commission and why Mr Morrison and his colleagues will do everything they can to stop one from being established.

The Liberals deny there is a problem, make endless excuses, and have put forward a draft bill for a commission designed to be so weak, so secretive and so lacking in independence that instead of exposing corruption, it would cover it up.

An Albanese Labor Government will put an end to the Morrison Government’s shameful inaction by establishing a powerful, transparent and independent National Anti-Corruption Commission.  

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Buy Australian Plan


An Albanese Labor Government will back Aussie businesses and create more local jobs by rolling out common-sense changes to the way the tens of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is spent each year in government purchases.


Australia has an abundance of talent, resources, and innovation. We have workers who are highly respected and sought after all around the world, as well as businesses and entrepreneurs who provide environments for them to flourish in. What we lack right now is a federal government that is willing to back them.

We see no reason why Australian taxpayer dollars should go to London when they can go to Launceston or why we buy from Pittsburgh when we can buy in Perth.

The Australian Government has spent around $190 billion on government contracts over the last three financial years showing that procurement policy is a major economic lever available to drive the economic recovery from COVID-19. 

Labor’s Buy Australian Plan is good for Australian businesses, Australian jobs, Australian families, and it’s good for the economy.

Rewiring the Nation


An Albanese Labor Government will rewire the nation to drive down power prices, give our economy a boost of up to $40 billion and create thousands of new jobs – particularly in regional areas.

Australia should be a renewable energy superpower, but our electricity transmission system is desperately outdated.

Labor’s Rewiring the Nation will invest $20 billion to rebuild and modernise the grid, in line with a blueprint already completed by the Australian Energy Market Operator and signed off by all governments.
Modernising the grid will provide thousands of new construction jobs for Australians, many of those in our regions.
It will revitalise traditional industries like steel and aluminium and allow growth in new sectors like hydrogen and battery production.

Only Labor will build an electricity network designed for this century – one which accounts for the rise of renewables as the cheapest new energy source, and links them up to the grid.

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Australian Skills Guarantee


An Albanese Labor Government will rebuild the nation’s manufacturing industry with a comprehensive plan to create jobs, boost vital skills, bring industry expertise back onshore and supercharge national productivity.


An Australian Skills Guarantee will ensure that one in 10 jobs on major federally funded infrastructure projects are given to apprentices, trainees or cadets.

This will be supported through other local manufacturing initiatives such as:

  • A National Rail Manufacturing Plan to see more trains built in Australia by local workers and ensure every dollar of federal funding spent on rail projects boosts local jobs and industry; and

  • A Defence Industry Development Strategy to leverage our $270 billion investment pipeline, develop sovereign industrial and research capabilities and build skills and expertise within the Australian workforce.

Only Labor will ensure that apprenticeships, traineeships, or cadetships will be prioritised, creating more opportunities and secure jobs for future generations to come.