Aussie Made


What’s important to you?

It has been disappointing to recently see Government contracts go overseas. LNP Governments across Australia have built trains in India, buses in China and ferries in Indonesia.

I want to see that change.

Because Australian Made means Australian Jobs

During this pandemic, we have seen the best of Australians supporting Australians. But we’ve also seen some of the holes in our economy exposed.

COVID has made clear that Australia must be a country that makes more things here and supports homegrown businesses and industries.

The Australian Government has spent around $190 billion on government contracts over the last three financial years showing that procurement policy is a major economic lever available to drive the economic recovery from COVID-19. 


That's why we will:

  1. Establish a Future Made in Australia Office, backed up by laws that will lock in key elements of Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) to actively support local industry in taking advantage of government purchasing opportunities

  2. Maximise opportunities for Aussie businesses in major infrastructure projects

  3. Open the door to more government work for more small and medium businesses by decoding and simplifying procurement processes

  4. Establish a Secure Australian Jobs Code to prioritise secure work in government contracts and ensure that government purchasing power is being used to support businesses that engage in fair, equitable, ethical and sustainable practices

  5. Provide more opportunities for First Nations businesses with a view to maximise skills transfer so that we can get more First Nations workers into long-term skilled work

  6. Level the playing field by bringing in a Fair Go Procurement Framework requiring those that gain government contracts to pay their fair share of tax

  7. Supporting industry sectors through the government’s purchasing power

  8. Use government spending power to take action on climate change and support energy projects 

  9. Strengthen Defence industries and capability

  10. Make National Partnerships work to maximise the use of local workers and businesses

Our Buy Australian Plan is good for Australian businesses, Australian jobs, Australian families, and it’s good for the economy.