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Hi, I’m Mick Denton, I grew up in Redcliffe, I went to school at Scarborough State School. I am raising my family with my wife Claire, and my three children in North Lakes.


I am a refinery operator working at the Ampol Lytton Oil refinery. I have spent the last 25 years working in heavy industry. I understand the problems Australian workers face every day. Whether it’s insecure work, stagnant wages, or unsafe work environments, I’ve seen it first hand. 

As a father and a husband, I know what it feels like to struggle from month to month to put food on the table. I also understand the importance of access to quality, affordable healthcare and education. That's why I am committed to fighting for more funding for these services.


I have watched with disappointment as our local jobs have been sent overseas under this government.  

We need a government with a plan to invest in Aussie manufacturing and industry. Australian-made means secure Australian jobs and more apprenticeships and traineeships to provide our children with the opportunities they deserve.

Politics should be about the basic things that make everyday life better. Making sure our kids can get a decent education and a decent job; delivering better roads so you aren’t stuck in traffic jams, and giving us all dignity, and showing appreciation for the hard work of older generations by giving them a decent pension. 

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I am not going to be your average pollie. I am a worker and understand the problems that working families face. I’ll say it how I see it. I believe we live in the lucky country and I want to keep it that way. I believe in mateship and looking after Aussies who have been dealt a bad hand.


Most of all I think the people of our region deserve the best possible representation in our federal parliament. We can’t be left behind. And that’s why I have put up my hand as Labor’s Candidate for Petrie.